Finding the horizon

It is said that to avoid becoming motion sick when in a boat, keep your eyes on the horizon. Although the waves may be rough and disorienting at times, the horizon line is consistent and has a steadying effect. Our family began sailing a few years ago, and it has not always been smooth! My idea of what sailing would be like and the reality have been irreconcilable most of the time, yet even though I have had very disorienting experiences on the boat, I really want to sail!

I have learned to understand the weather conditions better and to know when I will be happier to have stayed home. I have learned where to sit on the boat in higher wind so that I don’t panic. I have learned to love the grounding effect of the horizon.

Over the past months as I have been reintegrating my spiritual direction work after an extended caregiver’s leave, I have been enjoying calmer and more predictable life circumstances. ‘Finding the horizon together’ is an apt way to describe the work of spiritual direction. Disorientation in life is routine – sometimes we need a companion to help us along the way. I am so happy and honoured to be offering spiritual direction again. If you are curious about how to orient yourself in your current life circumstances, consider working with a spiritual director.

I am offering in person sessions in my studio or virtually through Zoom. I offer the first session without charge and subsequent sessions are $75. Student rates available. I am not able to offer retreats at this time, but please check out the offerings that my friend and colleague Beth Woelk has right now!