What sustains you?

A year ago we did not know what we were in for and that our personal resources would be put to such a test of endurance and adaptability.

Months have gone by now since the scrambling adjustments of the early pandemic time – life seems to fall into a “before” and “after” time-frame. We’re all tired as we come to the end of 2020. I feel that personally this has been a time of “pulling out all the stops” in terms of spiritual practice to find grounding or direction – I’ve reached for all the practices that I have learned over the years at different times over these past months of adjustment and change, uncertainty and opportunity. Sometimes it is centering prayer that I need, sometimes time in nature, sometimes yoga and body prayer, sometimes writing in my journal. I have appreciated different online offerings, especially labyrinth prayer led by Veriditas and poetry readings and reflections by poet/author/speaker David Whyte. David’s poetry has given me great comfort, courage, challenge, and companionship during this time. It’s also been a time of rest from the routines life had fallen into and a deepening of my closest relationships.

Spiritual Direction is suited to just this kind of time. It often helps to have a companion who can, through deep listening, help us see what it is that has been sustaining us all along. As I continue to embrace the changes as they come and adapt appropriately, I am offering spiritual direction via Zoom or phone and in person with social distancing. Contact me if you would like to pay greater attention to your spiritual experience during this time!

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