Fall opportunities

Like the new year, fall tends to be a time that we take a fresh look at things in life and consider our commitments and goals – the “back to school” feeling has been deeply influential! If you are looking at ways to attend your spiritual growth and well being, consider some of the fall opportunities that I am offering with trusted colleagues. All of these events take place in the comfortable space of my spiritual direction studio.

I would love to see you there!

Beth Woelk and I will be hosting another AUTUMN DAY RETREAT on Saturday, October 19th. Our day retreats are invitations to take an intentional “pause” in the fullness of life to reconnect with ourselves, God, and creation. To learn more and to register click HERE.

Carrie Jones will be facilitating three Enneagram workshops (September 21, October 5, November 9), each focused on the three “triads” that are foundational to the enneagram structure. To learn more about the enneagram and to register, click HERE. These workshops will have the exciting component of a live panel of folks who have worked with the enneagram for their own personal growth and who identify with the numbers discussed. If you are curious about how it is helpful, or are in discernment about where you are on the enneagram, this is a great opportunity to hear first hand from people who have found wisdom in using the enneagram as a tool.

In addition to these events, I continue to offer one-on-one spiritual direction. Some of the reasons that people seek out spiritual direction are because: they are in a season of discernment; they are experiencing spiritual distress; they desire a safe, confidential space to explore their spiritual life more deeply; or because they are seeking spiritual refreshment. If you are curious, you can request a spiritual direction session HERE.

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