Paying attention – some invitations!

Contemplative living shapes compassionate action. 

This weekend as I looked out of my front window on Saturday morning, drinking my coffee and welcoming the middle of the Easter weekend – a waiting and wondering time – through the rain I saw the flicker of an animal shaking its water from its back just inside the forest. I looked again and all was still and camouflaged. As I held my gaze in the same direction for the next while, I became aware of several deer moving gently so close to the edge of the forest and yet so protected and hidden from sight.

If I had to sum up the work of spiritual direction, I would say that it is about paying attention and inviting others to do the same. Paying attention to the mystery we often call “God”, ourselves in relation to that mystery, to ourselves, to others, and to the world around us. There is so much we do not perceive because we are often distracted and pulled in different directions. To choose to live a life intentionally turned toward growth in these relationships, is to try and pay closer attention to what is going on in us and around us so that our way of being in the world is rooted in love and compassion.

Contemplative living shapes compassionate action. 

If you feel the tug to pay closer attention – consider the upcoming events that I am hosting – April 27th (next weekend! still a few spots) is the Spring Day Retreat, co-hosted with Beth Woelk; May 11 is an Enneagram workshop with Carrie Jones; July 6th is the Summer Day Retreat, co-hosted with Beth Woelk; and as always, I offer one on one spiritual direction by appointment.

What’s shaping your action in the world?

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