NEW! Enneagram workshops

Are you interested in the Enneagram? Never heard of it but interested in understanding your personality better? Check out the new series of workshops that I am hosting with my friend Carrie Jones, Enneagram Facilitator with the Canadian Institute for Enneagram Studies. I have found the enneagram a very helpful tool for spiritual growth and look forward to sharing this opportunity with you. The introductory workshop is May 11, 7-9 pm at the Contemplative Studio, $25. Register here.

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Carrie is passionate about the transformative potential of using the Enneagram, and has
experienced many healing changes from her work with the Enneagram. She facilitates the Enneagram from a place of empathy believing that we grow in empathy toward others and toward ourselves through understanding the Enneagram. Carrie teaches the Enneagram as a transformative spiritual map that can lead each of us to becoming our True Self and deepen our relationships with ourselves, others and ultimately with God.

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