And the days lengthen!


I went walking in the woods the other day – nothing was visibly different from several weeks ago, but there was a shift in the air that I could feel. There were different bird sounds than the week before. There was more daylight to walk in. We are beckoned outside more easily by the sunshine. Its like there’s an invisible hum in the atmosphere warming up the orchestra of spring. It won’t be long, at least here in southern Ontario (I hasten to add), that the visible signs of new life will begin to show in the forest. In one month from today – April 27 – we will be hosting the spring day retreat! So much will change between now and then. Is this a day that’s calling you? Are you needing some time set aside for a blend of community, nature, and self-reflection to nourish yourself? Are you in a time of discernment? Have you found that regular time set aside for realignment with self, God, and others helps to bring clarity to the issues of life? Beth and I would love you to join us on this day of retreat. More information and registration can be made HERE.

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