Moving inward

Next seasonal retreat – January 19, 2019 REGISTER HERE

There’s no denying that the winter season is here. We have a scant layer of snow, temperatures have dropped, and the sky is usually dense and overcast with voluminous clouds unlike the blue in the photo above. The sign of winter that is speaking to me most deeply though, is the increased dark. My childhood was spent in the north where there is much less daylight at this time of year and it speaks to me of home, an inner home or sanctuary. I am finding a rich invitation in the dark to slow down, turn inward, and listen more intently to the whispers of the Spirit in the corners of my heart.

A busy holiday season is upon us, usually full of a strong mix of hopes, fears, joys, and frustrations. This is a great time to anticipate the need to replenish one’s heart and mind in the new year. January 19 is our next seasonal retreat and we will aim to create a space for reflection and connection as usual. More details on the day and registration can be found here. You will also find all of the seasonal retreat days for 2019 on the registration page. If the retreats speak to you, consider planning ahead and registering early to ensure your spot.

May the crisp beauty of winter open your eyes and heart to the gift of each day.

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