Adapting to change

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There is no mistaking that fall is in full swing even though the temperatures keep fluctuating here in the Niagara Peninsula. Fall is truly a time of adaptation and change. This has been reflected in my life this fall as I have embarked on a 9 month, full-time practicum in Spiritual Care at our local hospital. After 3 years of study I am at the point of putting theory into practice and this program is definitely immersive. I (and my family) are adapting to a totally new rhythm of life. I spent a lot of time before hand thinking about what kind of habits in my life would serve this new rhythm, which were non-negotiable, and what new might be needed. It was a different kind of self-examination for me and so helpful. Some non-negotiables were: coffee with my husband in the morning (which means early); a walk with the dogs; and family dinners. Walking with the dogs as soon as I get home has provided a lovely transition time between the work of the day and my life at home. Even just a short time in the forest each day keeps me aware of the incredible rhythms of adaptation in the natural world and fills me with hope that I too can adapt to change.

What are you adapting to? Do you need time set aside to honour the changes of the season? There’s still time to sign up for the fall retreat on October 27 – REGISTER HERE.


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