To go on retreat…thoughts on saying YES and the resulting resistance

They say that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step….a yes to something in action, not just wish.

So it is with retreats…an invitation to a retreat comes across your path and it sounds so great! Your heart says YES I need this, I want to do this, you check the calendar and the bank account and send the yes response. That was me at the beginning of summer when holidays stretched out before me, unbooked and unhurried (in theory), and I said yes to a retreat for spiritual directors in N Carolina – a 12 hour drive from home.

THEN suddenly there was only one week to go and the inner dialogue took on another tone – ‘what am I thinking?’ ‘How selfish is this!’ ‘I’m going to drive 12 hours in one day?’ ‘I wonder what the cancellation penalties are?’ But alas cancellation dates were past and I was committed. My husband assured me that this happens every time I plan to go away and it is always good and right and what I need – I’m grateful for his encouragement and reminders!

So, last night I filled the car with gas, downloaded an audio book, packed my bags – kissed my family goodbye at 5am and started driving. My journey of a thousand miles took me through 6 beautiful states and now I’m settling in to a beautiful retreat centre. My heart has caught up to my YES.

So, in case you’re making fall plans and love the idea of fitting a retreat in there because you know your body/mind/soul will thank you for it….consider signing up for the fall or winter day retreat, and don’t be alarmed when the resistance hits! šŸ™‚ We’ve all been there!

NEXT RETREATS – October 27, January 19

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