Summer thoughts

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This year when we walked together on the summer retreat it was hot. Heavy with accumulated heat and moisture, the air suggested that rain would soon come to cool and soften the cracked ground; replenish the dried up streams; and generally bring relief. We invited walking at a gentle pace trusting that the forest had gifts to share with us despite the temptation to remain in the air-conditioned studio. Unsure if the conditions would allow us to take our usual time of still silence we were prepared to shorten the time if need be.

As I settled into a spot along the creek bed, dry in complete contrast to last years’ rushing water, I noticed to my surprise, the most refreshing breeze moving down the valley. It was like a different climate altogether from the still, thick humidity we had been walking through on the trail. The rocks seemed to be inviting us to linger and let them cool us – a true gift, and a reminder to look for the beautiful surprises that grace our lives when the going truly seems tough.

Although there is still so much summer abundance to embrace this year, the season of school and routines inevitably will be around the corner. Fall is such a beautiful time to give yourself (and others) the gift of retreat. Please register and submit payment soon to ensure a space as we are only offering one retreat day – October 27. Also consider the Winter retreat day – January 19.

Happy summer!

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