Summer comes with Abundance

It’s June and already the fruit trees in my front yard are showing the promise of abundant fruit. The grapes in our vineyard have made it through winter, soaked up spring rains, and bear the look of coming abundance.

What is abundant in your life? If you are looking to nurture your sense of well-being, connection to God, and quality of connection in your relationships, consider making time for a short retreat experience. Here are several options for you to consider:

3rd Tuesday Retreat Open House, June 20; Abundance Summer Day Retreat (space is limited), July 29; contact me for a spiritual direction session or private retreat day or to use the Studio on your own. Registration can be found here.

Wonder what a retreat day would be like? The Studio is a quiet, relaxed spot for prayer, meditation, art, napping, reading, and generally getting re-centered in life’s abundance. I can help structure the day for you (guided retreat),  or leave it wide open for you to shape it the way you want.

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