Leaves and Roots

Looking out the window of the studio, I stare straight at the brilliant, emerging leaves of the maple tree that arches over our driveway. It’s a gorgeous contrast between the hopeful green yellow and the strong grey branches that send them energy and support them.


If you were in the room with me now, you would also hear the sound of a backhoe – digging a trench to free a drainage tile from the invasive roots of this same tree. Of course the only way we knew that the roots were a problem was because the drainage tile was no longer able to do it’s job and the basement of our house began to fill up with water.img_0128

Spiritual direction is a practice that allows us to wonder at the beauty that shows up in our lives, and also to dig deep into the dark root system that supports us. When we take time to pause and reflect we often find tender thoughts and feelings that don’t have space to show up in our every day busy lives, metaphorically to see whats growing and blooming, what’s needing to be pruned, or if some deep digging is required to free a drainage tile!

Here at the studio, you are invited to get reflective about life in several ways: a spiritual direction session is a one on one contemplative conversation; a self-guided retreat day can be done on one’s own (or in a small group) using the studio space and supplies; a guided retreat by me tailored to your needs; or by dropping in for the 3rd Tuesday Retreat Open House – the next one is May 16. To register or request more information click here.

May your prayer of listening deepen enough

To hear in the depths the laughter of God. (John O’Donohue)

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