I’m Unsubscribing This Advent

I clicked ‘unsubscribe’ to emails from a favourite store.

It was so freeing that I soon ‘unsubscribed’ from all emails related to shopping, sales and the promotion of products that often redirect my attention.

What else I could unsubscribe to while I was at it, I wondered? What else has redirected my attention from what I truly value?

So in Advent, this dark season of waiting for the Christ child to be born and reborn within, I am unsubscribing from frenzy and subscribing to connection. I am unsubscribing to unbounded consumerism and subscribing to mindful purchases. I am unsubscribing to distraction and subscribing to spaciousness. For in the spaciousness the new and necessary can be born, or reborn. The Christ light can shine a brighter circle. I can pay more close attention.

2 thoughts on “I’m Unsubscribing This Advent

  1. Good for you! I won’t be unsubscribing to your blog though…. PS Do you realise there is a big ad that shows up at the bottom of your post?

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