Well, that surprised me – The Artist’s Way

I have read about, heard about, and had it suggested to me to try ‘The Artist’s Way’ by Julia Cameron. Unfortunately, the more popular something is, or the more sure another is that I would love it, the longer it takes me to actually read, try, or do said thing. Knowing that I am a 4 on the enneagram personality system has helped me understand the often irrational resistance that keeps me from taking people’s suggestions. A fierce, but not always capable, do-it-yourselfer, I am slowly learning that it is OK to follow a program, or learn from someone else. Releasing the need to discover everything on my own has been a freeing realization. So this summer, when on a lovely, lazy holiday, I cracked open The Artists Way and let it lead me.

The basic premise is this: to write 3 pages of unedited thoughts first thing in the morning (called morning pages) every day for 12 weeks, and to go on an ‘artist’s date’ with oneself once a week to unblock one’s creativity and regain a sense of the creative presence of God within.

I waffled between thinking this was going to be great, and that it was completely flakey. My fear was that I would never see it through and, being tired of that repeat pattern in my life, was tempted not to start. But I chose to lean into the fear and put my pen to paper. Three pages every morning.

It is nearly 12 weeks later. I have not written every morning, but I have filled a journal. I have not done an artist’s date every week, but was surprised by small creative opportunities that came my way. I was, however, absolutely astonished at what showed up on my pages as I began to make connections between things in my life that had troubled me for years. Ultimately, I was surprised by greater healing and wholeness and am very grateful.

So because I know that most people are not as reluctant as me to take recommendations – I highly recommend The Artist’s Way to anyone wishing to get a little deeper into their creativity and perhaps make some important self discoveries, but especially for anyone who self-identifies as ‘uncreative’. You may be surprised.

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  1. This book intrigues me, and I’ll have to look into it further. I have a lot of Type 4 tendencies but must be my big 5 wing that draws my curiosity when a resource is suggested. 😉

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